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Family tradition since the 1880s

The Pfeiffer family moved from Prussia to the Midwest, and then to the area now known as Front Gate in Fair Oaks Ranch in the 1880s. The Pfeiffers arrived in a covered wagon and bought 7,000 acres of land for 50 cents an acre. The family maintained their claim on the land for more than a century, until recently deciding to share their family’s legacy with the world.

As a way to train bulls, Maureen Pfeiffer held
rodeos on the property on Wednesday and Sunday
afternoons. Maureen is shown here in 1960 on her
horse along with other family members.

A passion for community and education

The Pfeiffers initially operated a dairy farm, providing milk and other dairy products for
San Antonians seeking a Hill Country escape from the big city. The family business eventually changed, but the Pfeiffers’ prominence in the community only grew.

They were especially passionate about education, leading a fundraiser to rebuild Leon Springs School after it burned down in 1932. Later, a Pfeiffer, Ruth, became the first woman elected to San Antonio’s Northside ISD’s Board of Trustees. Today, the passion for education remains, with several Pfeiffers serving as teachers and administrators in San Antonio school districts.

Holidays, hunting and family

Modern generations of the Pfeiffers spent their holidays, summers and family reunions on the Fair Oaks Ranch real estate now known as Front Gate, performing ranching duties and enjoying the natural rustic beauty of the area. Many of the Pfeiffers are avid deer, turkey and dove hunters. But more important yet is family — Front Gate played host to countless grand family get-togethers.

Maureen Pfeiffer sits next to the Christmas tree in 1960. Cutting down a cedar tree on the ranch every year was a family tradition.

Welcoming you to share the land

Today, the Pfeiffers spend most of their time in San Antonio, and elected to share their beautiful, idyllic land with the rest of the world, teaming up with Denton Communities to create the quiet, exclusive but affordable community of Front Gate. Tour our model homes and find out for yourself what makes Fair Oaks Ranch and Front Gate so special.
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